PLAN: East Boston Waterfront Industrial & Economic Development Areas

Nov 21, 2019

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Contact Name:

    Kristina Ricco

  • Contact Email Address:

    [email protected]

  • Type:

    Public Meeting

  • Location:

    East Boston High School
    86 White Street
    East Boston, MA 02128

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Please join us for a workshop series focused on zoning and public realm in East Boston. These workshops will explore the challenges and opportunities of different types of areas in the neighborhood including neighborhood residential, mixed-use nodes and corridors, and waterfront industrial and economic development areas. Discussions will focus on how features of zoning and the public realm operate in these areas today, and how they could in the future. Light refreshments, translated materials and interpretation services will be provided at all events.

Meeting summary:

This workshop was the final in a three-part series focused on what shapes buildings, streets, and public spaces: zoning and Complete Streets guidelines. In small groups, attendees learned about the local and state regulations that shape waterfront development and infrastructure. Attendees also discussed what they envision in future waterfront industrial and economic development areas in the neighborhood.

Resumen de la reunión:

Este taller fue el final de una serie de tres partes centradas en las formas de los edificios, calles y espacios públicos: pautas de zonificación y calles completas. En pequeños grupos, los asistentes aprendieron sobre las regulaciones locales y estatales que dan forma al desarrollo y la infraestructura de la costa. Los asistentes también discutieron lo que imaginan en futuras áreas de desarrollo industrial y económico frente al mar en el vecindario.