115 Winthrop Square Impact Advisory Group Meeting

Nov 28, 2016

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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    Christopher Tracy

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    Impact Advisory Group (IAG)

  • Location:

    290 Congress Street
    Fort Point Room
    Boston, MA 02210


Impact Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting for the proposed redevelopment of 115 Winthrop Square in Downtown Boston. The proposed redevelopment of the Project Site consists of a thoughtfully designed, iconic, tower of synergistic uses, up to 775 feet tall, built respectfully around a voluminous approximately 200 foot long by 60 foot wide by 60 foot high area that includes curated public gathering space (the Great Hall) that connects streets, cultures, ideas and people. The Project involves innovative office work space; residential units; retail, dining, and other commercial space; as well as residential and private commercial parking below grade. Design and programming of the Project continue to evolve through market analyses and discussions with the City of Boston and BPDA. The Project is anticipated to include approximately 1,100,000 to 1,500,000 square feet of gross floor area and the allocation of square footage among specific uses will be determined during the design process.

Please note that the purpose of this meeting is different than that of a traditional community meeting. As part of the development review process, IAG members work closely with BPDA staff to identify the impacts of a project and recommend appropriate community benefits to offset those impacts. IAG meetings prioritize discussion between the project proponent (i.e. the developer) and IAG members. If time remains at the end of the meeting, BPDA staff will open the floor to other community members in attendance.

Although anyone is welcome to attend IAG meetings and listen to the discussion, the public meeting on December 5 is the more appropriate forum for the broader public to provide feedback about the project.
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