Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative Corridor Open House

May 10, 2014

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Contact Name:

    Jeremy Rosenberger

  • Contact Email Address:

    [email protected]

  • Type:

    Public Meeting

  • Location:

    Salvation Army Kroc Community Center, 650 Dudley Street, Dorchester, MA

  • Contact Phone:

    (617) 918-4431


As part of the Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative, Mayor Martin J. Walsh invites you to the Fairmount Indigo Corridor Open Houses.

Please join us at the open house to learn about recommendations for economic development, jobs, transit and housing along the 9.2 mile Fairmount Indigo Corridor. We need your voice to help develop a vision for its future.

Can't make it to the Open House? Please visit our website, www.fairmountindigoplanning.org, for more information.