Administration & Finance Mission

The Administration and Finance department supports all other divisions in the agency, allowing each department to more efficiently achieve its individual mission, and ensuring the cohesive operation of the agency overall.

The BPDA is self sustaining, and became an independent financial entity in 1987. The agency provides all  services to the people and businesses of Boston at no cost to the city budget.

The agency's main revenue sources include rental and lease agreement payments on BRA owned properties like the Charlestown Navy Yard, China Trade Building, Sargents Wharf and Rowes Wharf, income from land and building sales, grant income, income on condo sales, and interest income. The BPDA does not collect payment for permitting and zoning work done as part of development review.

The BPDA budget undergoes an annual audit process by KPMG and budget approval before the BPDA Board. The EDIC budget undergoes an annual audit process by Daniel Dennis & Company and budget approval before the BPDA Board. 

Role at the Agency

The department has three main functions: finance, administrative support, and human resources. The finance division oversees the agency’s budgets, grants, audits, and tax filings for all five reporting entities.

Administrative support helps to maintain and organize operations within the BPDA’s physical offices at City Hall and it’s six other sites, including furniture, phones, office setup and supplies. Human resources manages recruitment, hiring, and employee support services.


The department’s three functions are each executed by dedicated teams of professionals. All three teams report to the Director of Administration and Finance.

For more information, please contact Brian Connolly, Director of Finance.

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