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BPDA Research releases “Trends in Boston Business Establishments & Payroll Employment” report

May 18, 2018

The Boston Planning & Development Agency's (BPDA) Research Division recently published a comprehensive report detailing trends in Boston business establishments and payroll employment. The report included the following sections: Trends in Boston Employment and Establishments; Boston Industry Trends; Business Services; Education, Health Care, and Social Assistance; Consumer Services; and Production and Transportation. The full report can be accessed here.

The study found that industries that are growing and high share in Boston are primarily services: especially education, health care, and social assistance, highly-skilled business services, and leisure and hospitality consumer services. Hospitals, colleges and universities, social assistance organizations, scientific R&D, advertising and PR, computer systems design, software publishing, performing arts and spectator sports, non-store retailers, and accommodations have growing employment and growing relative share in Boston. Additionally, the Research Division found that industries that are shrinking and low relative share in Boston are mostly production and transportation industries such as manufacturing, wholesale trade, construction, and utilities. In-store retailers of goods such as clothes, books, and electronics are also declining in employment.

About the Research Division
The BPDA Research Division strives to understand the current environment of the city to produce quality research and targeted information that will inform and benefit the residents and businesses of Boston. The Division conducts research on Boston’s economy, population, and commercial markets for all departments of the BPDA, the City of Boston, and related organizations. The information provided in this report is the best available at the time of its publication.

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