Vision and Goals

Boston will be a leader in tackling the challenges of our generation. This plan sets a vision for the city we want to be in 2030: a place where Bostonians live in vibrant neighborhoods, where all residents are able to participate in the city’s dynamic economy, and where one of our most significant resources–our waterfront–is prepared to thrive for generations to come.

Imagine Boston 2030 has set goals, targets, and metrics to guide implementation and evaluate success.

Goal: Encourage affordability, reduce displacement, and improve quality of life
Goal: Increase access to opportunity
Goal: Drive inclusive economic growth
Goal: Promote a healthy environment and prepare for climate change
Goal: Invest in open space, arts & culture, transportation, and infrastructure

Metrics Dashboard

These metrics represent the long-term impacts and efforts across City of Boston departments. The data is collected by the BPDA Research Department, and updated by the City of Boston Analytics team. Last updated July 2017.