Boston Smart Utilities Vision

In 2018, the BPDA Transportation and Infrastructure Planning group and City of Boston launched the Smart Utilities Vision project (“SUV project”), an interdepartmental initiative led by the BPDA aimed toward developing strategies for more equitable, sustainable, affordable, resilient, and innovative utility services in the City of Boston.

The SUV project resulted in two (2) key products for implementation of the new model for utility design, planning, and construction:

  1. The Smart Utilities Policy for Article 80 Development Review—adopted by the BPDA Board on June 14, 2018—calls for five (5) of the ten (10) SUTs studied throughout the SUV project to be incorporated into new Article 80 developments.
  2. The Smart Utility Standards set forth guidelines for planning and integration of SUTs with existing utility infrastructure in existing or new streets, including cross-section, lateral, and intersection diagrams of an ideal layout for underground services in 40’ and 60’ right-of-ways.

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