Compliance Mission

The BPDA’s Compliance Department's mission is threefold:

The Developer Compliance Group reviews, tracks, and monitors the progress of commitments made for privately funded projects that are subject to the Article 80 process of the Boston Zoning Code. These commitments include both monetary and non-monetary obligations. The Developer Compliance Group works closely with the BPDA’s legal department, administration and finance, developers, and the BPDA’s project managers to ensure commitments are measurable and quantifiable, and that developers meet those commitments on a timely basis.

The Contract Compliance Group increases employment opportunities for Boston residents, minorities, and women as enumerated in the Boston Residents Jobs Policy. BPDA staff operates in the field, holding weekly meetings with general contractors and subcontractors, and works closely with unions, stakeholders, and the community. This group also ensures workers receive the correct wage rate on projects subject to the federal Davis-Bacon Act and the Commonwealth’s prevailing wage act.

The Housing Compliance Group oversees affordability restrictions on thousands of privately-owned housing units throughout the City. Staff monitors compliance with BPDA standards for household eligibility, price limits, occupancy and leasing requirements, and more. Learn more about the work of the BPDA’s Housing Compliance Group.