Ornamental Fence and Welding Services for BRA Owned Properties Solicitation for Written Quotes ("SFQ")

The Boston Redevelopment Authority d/b/a Boston Planning & Development Agency (“BRA”), is soliciting written quotes in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 30, § 39M as may be amended, entitled Ornamental Fence and Welding Services for BRA Owned Properties. The awarded contract will be for a term of one (1) year (the initial term), with two (2) one (1) year extension options that may be exercised at the sole discretion of the BRA. In the event the BRA exercises both options, the contract term shall be three (3) years.


The work generally consists of ornamental fence and welding services for property owned by the BRA located city-wide, primarily in the Charlestown Navy Yard and on Long Wharf, as well as Sargent’s Wharf and various parcels/lots located throughout the City of Boston. The work will be on an as-needed basis and will involve short notice emergencies and time-critical projects. The work will include installation, replacement, and maintenance of fencing as needed, including removal and proper disposal of all debris, and welding of gangways, chains, and other items.

Type SFQ
Status Under Review
Date Available 12/18/2019 10:00
Due Date 01/22/2020 12:00
Contact Susan.Downs@boston.gov

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