Long-Term Ground Lease of Parcel R-1 in the South Cove Urban Renewal Area

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”), doing business as Boston Planning & Development Agency (“BPDA”), is soliciting responses to a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the redevelopment of Parcel R-1, consisting of fourteen parcels of vacant land located in the South Cove Urban Renewal Area, Project No. Mass. R-92, (the “Property”), with parcel addresses of 0, 55 and 57 Hudson Street, 0, 52, 54, 56 and 58 Tyler Street and 0 Holland Place, (Assessor’s Parcel Identification Numbers: Ward 3, parcels 05230, 05231, 05232, 05233, 05234, 05235, 05236, 05238, 05239, 05240, 05241, 05242, 05243, 05244-000), in the Chinatown neighborhood of Boston. The Property size is approximately 18,714 square feet. This public offering is made available to all interested parties who have the ability to undertake the redevelopment and to complete it without undue delay. The most advantageous proposal from a responsive and responsible proponent, taking into consideration price and all other evaluation criteria set forth in this RFP shall be recommended to the Board of Directors for tentative designation. This RFP offers developers an opportunity to submit proposals to allow the redevelopment of a mixed-use building, including income restricted homeownership and rental units with ground floor space provided for active public or commercial uses. 

Type RFP
Status Open
Date Available 08/11/2021 09:00
Due Date 10/28/2021 12:00
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