63 Melcher Street - 4th NPC and 2nd PDA Amendment

Project Stats

  • Address:

    63 Melcher Street

  • Neighborhood:

    South Boston Waterfront

  • Land Sq. Feet:

    29,319 sq ft

  • Building Size:

    181,736 sq ft

  • Uses:

    Office / Residential / Retail

  • Residential Units:


Project Description:

On September 21, 2017, the Proponent filed a fourth Notice of Project Change (the “Fourth NPC”) and this Amendment to allow a single change to the Third Revised Project (the “Fourth Revised Project” or the “Project”). The sole change from the Third Revised Project is to acknowledge approximately 2,695 square feet of existing residential GFA in the basement of the existing building of 63 Melcher Street, which is owned and is being renovated by the Proponent, for Office and/or Cultural and/or Community use. Separate from the sole change under this Amendment – to acknowledge 2,695 square feet of the 63 Melcher Street Basement Space as GFA for Office and/or Cultural and/or Community use – the form of ownership of 63 Melcher Street will be altered to a condominium under M.G.L. c. 183A.

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