Fenway Planning and Rezoning

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) completed a strategic community planning process in the Fenway neighborhood from 1999-2004. The Fenway Planning Task Force (FPTF), appointed by Mayor Thomas Menino, was a group of community, business and institutional representatives that lay down the foundation for issuing new and permanent zoning in the Fenway neighborhood. The new zoning was adopted on October 2004. The zoning is responsive to the needs of the neighborhood while being consistent with the zoning framework for the entire City. It includes unique zoning concepts initiated to encourage mixed use districts.

The BRA in conjunction with the Boston Transportation Department worked closely with the Fenway community on land use, transportation and urban design goals for the East and West Fenway. The West Fenway Plan included two major components: a Transportation Plan and Land Use and Urban Design Guidelines for two special study areas (Brookline Avenue/Lansdowne Street and Boylston Street). The East Fenway Plan addressed five categories: Land Use, Institutions, Housing and Economics, Transportation, and Urban Design.

The new zoning and the two planning documents for the East and West Fenway are located in the documents folder below.

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