East Boston Neighborhood Design Overlay District Plans

These projects are as of right and do not seek zoning relief, but they require Design Review by the BPDA due to the requirements of the East Boston Neighborhood Design Overlay District (NDOD).

192-194 Trenton Street

The proposed project is to construct a new, three-story two-family dwelling. The first dwelling unit will be located entirely on the second floor of the proposal. The unit will accommodate three bedrooms and a single bathroom. The second dwelling unit is also three bedrooms, one bathroom and is located entirely on the third floor of the proposal. Each dwelling unit is approximately 1,227 square feet in size. The ground level of the proposal will comprise of a three car garage and utility room, totaling 1,061 square feet. The lot size is 3,000 square feet and is currently vacant. The project is located in a Three-Family Residential (3F-2000) Zoning District.

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