Allston-Brighton Mobility Study


The Allston and Brighton neighborhoods have recently experienced significant growth in new development. While this growth adds economic opportunity and vibrancy, it also raises questions and concerns about how the existing and future multi-modal network will accommodate new development. To address these concerns, the Allston-Brighton Mobility Study will fully assess existing conditions while analyzing the impacts of pending and approved development in Allston-Brighton in order to identify strategies to improve the transportation network—streets, bike infrastructure, sidewalks, transit, parking—and mitigate the impacts of development. Building on past studies, the primary goal of the Allston-Brighton Mobility Study will be to identify and develop an actionable “menu” of options to improve mobility, safety for all modes, and quality of life for the Allston-Brighton neighborhood.

Latest Updates

Preliminary Draft Recommendations


After more than a year of data collection, community engagement, and analysis, the A-B Mobility Team has developed prelimlinary draft recommendations for mobility improvements throughout Allston-Brighton. Many of these recommendations include alternatives and/or options, where there may be more than one idea proposed for a specific location. To view a map of these draft recommendations, offer comments, and state your preferences, please visit here. You can also find each draft recommendation from this PDF list.

The BPDA will conduct additional public outreach and meetings in January and February 2020 to present the draft recommendations and hear feedback. Comments on the preliminary draft recommendations will be accepted through the end of March. After considering feedback from the community, we will develop and release the Draft A-B Mobility Plan in spring, 2020. The Final A-B Mobility Plan will likely be completed by summer, 2020.

Analysis Work Plan

For the past several months, our team has been engaging with the Allston-Brighton community to determine priority areas for mobility improvements. From these conversations we have identified a list of mobility improvement options at different locations throughout Allston-Brighton and developed a Work Plan for modeling and analyzing them. You can view this work plan as a document here.

Existing Conditions Report

This report focuses on understanding the current transportation conditions in Allston-Brighton. Additionally, the findings from this analysis set the foundation for the evaluation of future conditions by serving as a comparable benchmark and by informing decision-makers of current issues, trends, and objective findings. Click here for a link to the Existing Conditions Report. You can also find a link to the appendix in the “documents” section of this web page.

Previous Public Meetings and Presentations

December 2019 Open House Monday, December 16th | At this open house, the A-B Mobility Team presented a series of preliminary draft recommendations for many different geographies in Allston-Brighton. The Open House included nearly three dozen poster boards containing a wide range of recommendations, as well as a brief PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here. To view the preliminary draft recommendations and provide comments, please visit here.

July 2019 Community Update Monday, July 22, 2019 | Tuesday, July 30, 2019 | Wednesday, July 31, 2019 | For the past several months, our team has been engaging with the Allston-Brighton community to determine priority areas for mobility improvements. Out of these conversations we have developed a Work Plan to model and analyze a wide range of potential mobility improvements (such as new bus lanes, dedicated bike lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, signal re-timing, traffic calming, and many other possible improvements). To see a summary of the community feedback received over the summer, click here.

Spring 2019 Public Workshops | Wednesday, February 13, 2019 | Thursday, February 28, 2019 | Monday, March 18, 2019 | At these workshops, community members brainstormed preferred mobility solutions for different locations throughout Allston-Brighton. Each of the 3 sub-area workshops focused on specific geographies.

January 2019 Work Session | January 30, 2019 | At this meeting, the A-B Mobility Team presented a summary of community comments that were received to date. Additionally, the Team presented a map of draft priority locations for potential improvements and draft Study goals for public comment.

September 2018 Open House | September 12, 2018 | The A-B Mobility Team introduced the scope of the A-B Mobility Study as well as examples of the types of improvements that would be explored. More than 100 community members attended and over 200 comments relating to all modes of transportation were received. We heard about the importance of safe street crossings, frequent and reliable transit, better bike infrastructure, effective parking capacity management, and connectivity to open space.

Consultant Team

In October 2018, the BPDA hired Kittelson & Associates to assist the City team with the A-B Mobility Study. Kittelson is an integral part of the team, particularly on engineering transportation modeling and concept-level designs. 

Schedule & Milestones

As currently envisioned, the 18-month Study will consist of the following schedule and milestones:

Phase Tasks Timeline
1 Review study area, inventory existing plans & pending development Fall 2018
2 Build base and future model of transportation network, including pending development and infrastructure changes Fall 2018
3 Identify issues; Confirm principles and goals Winter 2018-19
4 Develop and analyze a universe of transportation improvement options Spring/Summer 2019
5 Refine and prioritize transportation improvement options Fall/Winter  2019
6 Draft Transportation Action Plan Spring 2020
7 Final Transportation Action Plan Summer 2020

As we engage with the community and move through the planning process, the emphasis of this Study may evolve, along with some some of the tasks and milestones identified above. This website will be updated to reflect any schedule changes as the project progresses.

Public Engagement

Each major phase of this Study involves various forms of public engagement, from public meetings and workshops to online/digital tools, neighborhood pop ups at significant gathering spaces (such as intersections, “T” stops, or community spaces), street surveys, and/or other methods. Questions? Comments? Would you like to stay engaged? Fill out the form or email us at


Better Bus Proposals Affecting Allston-Brighton

As part of the A-B Mobility Study, the BPDA and Boston Transportation Department have been in regular communication with MassDOT and the MBTA about regional mobility issues affecting Allston-Brighton. Since late summer of 2018, the MBTA has been working on the Better Bus Study to explore ways to improve the frequency and reliability of bus service in the greater Boston area.

Recently, the Better Bus Project proposed 47 cost-neutral proposals to improve bus service. The BPDA has summarized the Better Bus Project proposals for Allston-Brighton.

Other Ongoing Plans & Studies

A number of plans related to Allston and Brighton have been completed and adopted in the past or are currently underway. This A-B Mobility Study will be coordinated with these plans and studies, including:

Adopted Plans

Plans and Studies Currently Underway

In addition to past studies, close coordination will be need between this study and ongoing planning efforts in the area. These include:

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