PLAN Areas Overview

Imagine Boston 2030 is Boston’s first citywide plan in over 50 years. View a map of the BPDA’s planning initiatives in context, which are instrumental in the fulfillment of the vision and goals defined by the process.

PLAN Areas Overview

Taking Action

Imagine Boston 2030’s action areas are physical locations where initiatives come together to respond to key opportunities and challenges. They are the physical embodiment of Boston's boldest aspirations: a set of initiatives that, when implemented in the same location, will achieve multiple goals.

Enhancing Neighborhoods

Enhancing existing neighborhoods to improve urban vitality and affirm each neighborhood's distinct identity

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Encouraging a Mixed-use Core

Fostering a dense, walkable, and mixed-use core where more people live, work, and gather

Expanding Neighborhoods

Creating new mixed-use neighborhoods at the edges of existing neighborhoods

Creating a Waterfront for Future Generations

Creating a waterfront for all Bostonians that is climate-resilient and has the stewardship needed to thrive for coming generations

Generating Networks of Opportunity: Fairmount Corridor

Expanding access to opportunity and reducing disparities through coordinated investments in transportation, neighborhood vibrancy, and education