Community Planning

Department Mission

The BPDA's Community Planning department works with Boston's communities to create long-term plans that help foster the development of attractive, safe, diverse, and economically thriving places to live and work. Community planning efforts engage local residents, businesses, agencies, and institutions in guiding the future character of Boston's unique neighborhoods and districts.

Role at the Agency

Community Planning works at the neighborhood level to create a community vision that looks at current assets and opportunities for future growth to enhance the quality of life.  Planners explore the issues of land use, housing needs, open space, transportation and multimodal networks and economic development with community members.  The envisioned plans, informed by the community's input, guide future development scenarios and may result in:

  • urban design guidelines,
  • master plans,
  • zoning recommendations, and
  • other policy changes.


The Community Planning department is staffed by a team of professional planners. BPDA planners help facilitate the community planning process through a series of public meetings as needed.  They also act as liaisons between a neighborhood and development interests, ensuring that proposed development for a given area fits a community’s plan and zoning. 

For more information, please contact Sara Myerson, Director of Planning, or Jolivia Barros, Assistant to the Director of Planning.

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