PLAN: East Boston - Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

Oct 08, 2019

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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    Kristina Ricco

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    Public Meeting

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    East Boston Social Center
    68 Central Square
    East Boston, MA 02128


Please join us for a meeting to review the planning process to date, and preview future community discussions. PLAN: East Boston is shifting focus from neighborhood-wide topics to specific types of areas within the neighborhood. The event will introduce three primary types of areas: Neighborhood Residential, Mixed-Use Nodes and Corridors, and Waterfront Industrial and Economic Development Areas. Future discussions will focus on understanding neighborhood priorities in these areas. This event is part of PLAN: East Boston, a long-range planning initiative that, when complete, will update East Boston neighborhood planning, will deliver a transportation action plan, and will recommend changes to East Boston zoning.

Light refreshments, translated materials, and interpretation services will be provided.

Meeting Summary:

The PLAN: East Boston team and residents met to review the PLAN: East Boston process to date and preview future community discussions. As the process shifts its focus to specific area types of the neighborhood, residents were introduced to three different area types: Neighborhood Residential, Mixed-Use Nodes and Corridors, and Waterfront Industrial and Economic Development Areas. 

Attendees were able to comment on these three area types, providing their perspective on the “essential character” of those areas, as well as, documenting current opportunities and challenges for these areas. The three area types will be a way for the PLAN process to structure itself moving forward. Residents were invited to join us for a series of three meetings that will explore the area types more completely. 

Resumen de la reunión:

El equipo de PLAN: East Boston y los residentes se reunieron para revisar el proceso de PLAN: East Boston hasta la fecha y prever futuras discusiones de la comunidad. A medida que el proceso cambia su enfoque a tipos de áreas específicas del vecindario, los residentes fueron introducidos a tres tipos de áreas diferentes: vecindario residencial, nodos y corredores de uso mixto y áreas de desarrollo industrial y económico frente al mar.
Los asistentes pudieron comentar sobre estos tres tipos de áreas, proporcionando su perspectiva sobre el "carácter esencial" de esas áreas, así como documentando las oportunidades y desafíos actuales para estas áreas. Los tres tipos de áreas serán una forma para que el proceso PLAN se estructura a sí mismo en el futuro. Se invitó a los residentes a unirse a nosotros para una serie de tres reuniones que explorarán los tipos de área más completamente.
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