Zoning Commission Hearing

Dec 13, 2017

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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    Jeffrey Hampton

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    Zoning Commission

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    BPDA Board Room
    9th floor, room 900
    One City Hall Square
    Boston, MA 02201


The Boston Zoning Commission is charged with maintaining the Boston Zoning Code. In order to fulfill that responsibility, the Commission meets on a regular basis to adopt map and text changes to the Code. Anyone may petition the Zoning Commission to adopt a map or text change. Typically the Boston Planning & Development Agency, after a public dialogue, petitions the Zoning Commission to adopt such changes. After a petition is authorized by the BPDA Board, a public notice of a hearing before the Zoning Commission is advertised in the Boston Herald and local newspapers at least 20 days in prior to the hearing.


9:00 AM
Map Amendment Application No. 702
Planned Development Area No. 113
St. Gabriel’s
Maps 7A/7B/7C/7D and 7A/7C
9:15 AM
Map Amendment Application No. 703
Amended and Restated Development for Planned Development Area No.
Seaport Square
Map 4A/4B
9:30 AM
Text Amendment Application No. 475
Map Amendment Application No. 704 DEFERRED TO 12/20
Planned Development Area Eligibility
Article 50, Roxbury Neighborhood District
Map 6A/6B/6C
9:45 AM
Text Amendment Application No. 476
Urban Renewal Overlay
Article 3, Establishment of Zoning Districts


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