General Electric Public/Impact Advisory Group Meeting

Dec 12, 2017

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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    Sonal Gandhi

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    Public Meeting

  • Location:

    Boston Society of Architects, Atlantic Wharf
    290 Congress Street, Fort Point Room
    Boston, MA 02210


Public/Impact Advisory Group (IAG) meeting to discuss the General Electric Headquarters Project Notice of Project Change, a First Amendment to the Development Plan for the General Electric Company Headquarters campus, and a Fourth Amendment for the 100 Acres/South Boston, in connection with certain modest changes proposed for the GE Headquarters Campus project.

Three changes are planned for the Proposed General Electric (GE) Headquarters Project:
  1. Rehabilitation of the Necco Court Bridge: This four-story bridge will be used as an extension of the office, research and development and related uses planned at the Brick Buildings.
  2. Additional Open Space Parcel: An additional open space parcel of approximately 9,387 square feet is being added to the Project Site in order to create more public open space.
  3. Rooftop Room: The planned meeting space on the rooftop of 5 Necco Court will be modestly expanded so that it will have the capacity for larger meetings. Altogether, these additions will add 3,865 SF of GFA to the overall project.

To review the initial approved project and its supporting documents, please go here:
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