ONEin3 Boston

Connecting Boston's Young Adult Population

With more than one-third of Boston's population between the ages of 20-34, Boston is the home to the highest proportion of young adults out of any major city in America. Recognizing the importance of this demographic, ONEin3 connects Boston’s young adult population with resources related to: housing, professional development, entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

ONEin3 Boston exists to improve quality of life and facilitate positive change for the 20-34 year old demographic in the Hub.  Its purpose is to continue to make Boston an attractive place to live, work and play.
Shea Coakley

ONEin3 is comprised of several programmatic elements including the Mayor’s ONEin3 Council, serving as a direct link between the ONEin3 demographic and the city government, as well as the ONEin3 College Connection, connecting Boston's student population to city services.

The ONEin3 program means a great deal to me, as a former youth worker, a current entrepreneur and Roxbury resident of Cape Verdean descent --I see it as a tremendous platform to engage with some of city's best & brightest in building a better Boston for all us.
Liz Miranda
ONEin3 Council Member